Erin’s Hat

I haven’t been very craft lately as I’ve been working on crafting a new resume. But I was asked by a co-worker at Anthropologie to crochet a winter hat.
Inspired by old fashioned neopolitan salt water taffy I used to eat as a kid, here’s Erin’s Hat:

crochet hat

Erin's Hat

the back with buttons

The seam is lined with buttons

I learned a new stitch with this hat:

Front Post Double Crochet (fpsc)

Check this video out for instructions on how to complete the stitch!

side of hat

The side shows the pom pom


Skating in a (warmer-than-usual) Winter Wonderland!

We are in the midst of a warmer than usual winter! Why not go out there and enjoy it! Skating is a great way to get some exercise, enjoy the great outdoors and have some fun!

The Natrel Ice Rink at Harbourfront Centre, Toronto is a great place to skate for free! You can skate the day away to music (satellite radio all week) and live DJ sets (on the weekend).

Skating at the Outdoor Skating Rink at Harbourfront Centre, Toronto

To make my skates look a little stylish and fun, I created pom poms out of black yarn and tied them onto the last loop of lace. A little throw back. For directions on how to make a pom pom, check this video out: make a pom pom

skates with pom pom

My ice skates with pom poms

For a list of all outdoor skating rinks in Toronto, visit:

For tips on posture and ice skating technique, visit: Body Break

Ice Skating outdoors

Make sure you tie your skates tight for extra support!

Tangerine Baby Blanket, the story of …

This is my old friend Miguel, I call him my “home slice”

Me and Miguel

Me and my homeslice Miguel

Happy Couple

Miguel and his gorge. wifey Sara

Miguel, together with his gorgeous wife Sara announced they were expecting a baby …

A few months later I took some holiday time in Cuba. I brought with my one ball of tangerine-coloured yarn and a crochet needle. And got to work on a baby blanket.

Cuba and crocheting

Crocheting in Cuba

I completed the blanket and received many compliments from

beach goers to passengers on the plane. What I loved most about this blanket was that I brought it back and it smelled like the ocean and the sun and beach.

A few months later i’m happy to report my blanket found a home, nestled around Miguel and Sara’s newborn.

baby blanket

Baby L in my tangerine blanket

crochet blanket

Baby blanket

Button me up!

Here are two new broaches made from vintage buttons! For any sweater or coat this holiday season!
Each button was glued to the next on top of an old flat button pin.

One in Shades of RED and one in Shades of WHITE


Red Vintage Button Broach

Red Button Pin

Red Button Pin

red button broach

Another shot of the red button broach

white button pin

Shades of white button broach

close up

close up of white button broach

Birds of a Feather Christmas Ornaments

So I found these mini snowflakes my mom had crocheted years ago and added them to a new pattern I found to make these one-of-a-kind felt Christmas ornaments. I used different coloured felt, glue, ribbon and embroidery thread to create each one.

green bird ornament

Green bird felt Christmas ornament

felt bird ornament

This is the back of the green bird felt ornament

yellow felt christmas ornament

Yellow bird felt Christmas ornament

yellow felt ornament

This is the back of the yellow felt Christmas ornament

Red felt ornament

Red bird felt Christmas ornament

back of felt bird

This is the back of the red bird Christmas ornament

New men’s hats and scarf!

I made this “cross-your-heart” scarf for my boyfriend on his birthday with a matching hat. I crocheted both pieces and sewed a whale applique I crocheted onto the hat. On the scarf I sewed a crocheted red heart applique onto the end.

hat and scarf

The Cross-Your-Heart scarf and matching hat

crochet hat

Crochet hat with whale applique for men

crochet men's hat and scarf

Matching men's scarf and hat

Who said Crochet is just for ladies!? The “cross bones” hat is a gift for my cousin – made to fit extra slouchy. I crocheted the hat then the skull and cross bones applique – then I sewed it on. I think it’s bad ass.

Crochet cross bones hat

Crocheted Cross Bones hat

the back of the hat

The back of Cross Bones hat - the orange x's are an added detail I just love

The Cross Bones hat

The Crochet Cross Bones hat

crochet hat

My Men's Crochet Cross Bones hat

Don’t forget to visit my Etsy shop for other scarves and hairbands!

New Raspberry Neck Warmer now on Etsy!

I just added my raspberry-coloured neck warmer to my Etsy Shop!!

One of a kind scarves and hairbands can be found in The Yellow Canary Shop on Etsy! More items to be posted soon! Visit

Raspberry neck warmer

Raspberry crochet neck warmer

crochet neck warmer

Crochet raspberry coloured neck warmer with vintage gray button

new scarf

New Raspberry coloured scarf now on Etsy!