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Birds of a Feather Christmas Ornaments

So I found these mini snowflakes my mom had crocheted years ago and added them to a new pattern I found to make these one-of-a-kind felt Christmas ornaments. I used different coloured felt, glue, ribbon and embroidery thread to create each one.

green bird ornament

Green bird felt Christmas ornament

felt bird ornament

This is the back of the green bird felt ornament

yellow felt christmas ornament

Yellow bird felt Christmas ornament

yellow felt ornament

This is the back of the yellow felt Christmas ornament

Red felt ornament

Red bird felt Christmas ornament

back of felt bird

This is the back of the red bird Christmas ornament


My Etsy Shop is NOW OPEN!!

At the request of many friends, strangers and co-workers, I have finally opened up my Etsy shop!!

find it here:

My Etsy Shop

My Etsy Shop! Banner designed by Mike Roussetos

I’m selling my Lemon Yellow Scarf – it’s one of a kind and the perfect gift for yourself or for someone who isn’t afraid of a little colour!

My Etsy Shop is NOW OPEN!

My Etsy Shop is NOW OPEN!

“She wore lemon
To colour in the cold grey night
She had heaven
And she held on so tight ” – U2 ‘Lemon

Reasons to LOVE my lemon yellow scarf:
1. It’s yellow
2. It’s 100% wool and will keep you warm
3. It’s got ruffles!
4. You will get noticed!
Have fun SHOPPING!!!

A beloved shirt becomes a new Christmas Stocking…

I have a dear friend. I loved his plaid shirt – it was oversized, cozy and reminded me of the laughs we shared while on our travels together. We met while working the press junket a few years ago and became fast friends.

He came to visit me in Toronto one year and left behind his plaid shirt for me. It was a nice surprise to find it nicely folded under my bed.
Although I loved the shirt, I never wore it.

What to do with it? Well, I decided to create an oversized stocking for my boyfriend. I think it turned out fabulous. I kept one side buttoned, and maintained the collar too. So I was able to create this great Christmas Stocking AND keep the memory of this shirt alive and make it part of a special time of year. It’s fun, it’s friendly and it’s got a lot of room for lots of stocking stuffers.
I think my good buddy would love what I made of his shirt. In a funny way.


This is the back of the Christmas Stocking


This is the front side of the Christmas Stocking

the stocking hanging

This is Mike's Stocking hanging

Buttercream Crochet Scarf

Using single crochet stitch I crocheted this buttercream scarf and pinned it with a vintage broach. I’m also wearing one of my featherbands.

Crochet cream scarf

Buttercream Crochet Scarf



Red Hat

A Red hat I crocheted with blue buttons to secure ear flaps up.


Red Hat

Crochet Red Hat



New Pine Cone Ornament

Here is my latest crochet ornament, a pine cone!



Crochet Pine Cone

New Crochet Pine Cone Ornament