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Cupid’s Arrow

For Valentine’s Day I recreated a lost treasure. A few months ago I gave my special someone an antique lapel pin. It was a silver arrow covered in rhinestones. It was real cool, not too girlie but masculine enough. He put it on his lamb’s wool sweater and somehow some way it was lost.

Around the holidays I was in Urban Outfitters and spotted almost the exact same arrow, only it was on a women’s necklace. I scooped it up anyway and put it aside, thinking I’d do something with it for Valentine’s Day.

I started by detaching it from its chain. I bought craft wire and filled the holes in with creative knots. I used Krazy glue to attach the arrow to a silver pin. And voila! I managed to re-create cupid’s arrow in time for Valentine’s Day.


The necklace I found at Urban


close-up of arrow on chain

craft wire at Home Hardware

The Arrow

the arrow is back where it belongs

Note: Accidentally while gluing the arrow to the pin, I glued the pin to my finger. Krazy glue bonds to skin quickly. But without panicking I soaked my finger in nail polish remover containing acetone. It worked like a charm.


New men’s hats and scarf!

I made this “cross-your-heart” scarf for my boyfriend on his birthday with a matching hat. I crocheted both pieces and sewed a whale applique I crocheted onto the hat. On the scarf I sewed a crocheted red heart applique onto the end.

hat and scarf

The Cross-Your-Heart scarf and matching hat

crochet hat

Crochet hat with whale applique for men

crochet men's hat and scarf

Matching men's scarf and hat

Who said Crochet is just for ladies!? The “cross bones” hat is a gift for my cousin – made to fit extra slouchy. I crocheted the hat then the skull and cross bones applique – then I sewed it on. I think it’s bad ass.

Crochet cross bones hat

Crocheted Cross Bones hat

the back of the hat

The back of Cross Bones hat - the orange x's are an added detail I just love

The Cross Bones hat

The Crochet Cross Bones hat

crochet hat

My Men's Crochet Cross Bones hat

Don’t forget to visit my Etsy shop for other scarves and hairbands!


Brontosaurus Applique! ROAR!

I was at work the other night and noticed our Brontosaurus necklace just came in – I was inspired!

Brontosaurus Applique on a men's sweater

Brontosaurus Applique on a men's sweater

I crocheted the Brontosaurus to be sewn onto a sweater or tee – I think I’m going to put mine onto a dress! For men or women this little guy is going to have a ROARing good time anywhere he goes.

The Brontosaurus applique crochet

The Brontosaurus applique

A beloved shirt becomes a new Christmas Stocking…

I have a dear friend. I loved his plaid shirt – it was oversized, cozy and reminded me of the laughs we shared while on our travels together. We met while working the press junket a few years ago and became fast friends.

He came to visit me in Toronto one year and left behind his plaid shirt for me. It was a nice surprise to find it nicely folded under my bed.
Although I loved the shirt, I never wore it.

What to do with it? Well, I decided to create an oversized stocking for my boyfriend. I think it turned out fabulous. I kept one side buttoned, and maintained the collar too. So I was able to create this great Christmas Stocking AND keep the memory of this shirt alive and make it part of a special time of year. It’s fun, it’s friendly and it’s got a lot of room for lots of stocking stuffers.
I think my good buddy would love what I made of his shirt. In a funny way.


This is the back of the Christmas Stocking


This is the front side of the Christmas Stocking

the stocking hanging

This is Mike's Stocking hanging

New For Men: Construction Scarf and Owl Applique

Crochet isn’t just for women! Here is a scarf in construction green and hazard orange I crocheted and an owl applique on a men ‘s coat.

Crochet men's scarf
Men’s Crochet Scarf
Crochet Owl Applique
Crochet Owl Applique

New Rag Doll Crochet Christmas Ornaments


I just LOVE these new Christmas ornaments I crocheted.  One girl and one boy Rag Doll ornament with ribbon loop to hang onto the tree.


crochet rag doll ornaments

Hanging Rag Doll boy and girl Christmas ornaments




boy and girl rag doll ornaments

Boy & Girl Rag Doll Christmas Ornaments













Crochet Christmas ornament rag doll girl

Rag Doll Girl Christmas Ornament


Crochet Christmas ornament

Rag Doll Boy Ornament