New men’s hats and scarf!

I made this “cross-your-heart” scarf for my boyfriend on his birthday with a matching hat. I crocheted both pieces and sewed a whale applique I crocheted onto the hat. On the scarf I sewed a crocheted red heart applique onto the end.

hat and scarf

The Cross-Your-Heart scarf and matching hat

crochet hat

Crochet hat with whale applique for men

crochet men's hat and scarf

Matching men's scarf and hat

Who said Crochet is just for ladies!? The “cross bones” hat is a gift for my cousin – made to fit extra slouchy. I crocheted the hat then the skull and cross bones applique – then I sewed it on. I think it’s bad ass.

Crochet cross bones hat

Crocheted Cross Bones hat

the back of the hat

The back of Cross Bones hat - the orange x's are an added detail I just love

The Cross Bones hat

The Crochet Cross Bones hat

crochet hat

My Men's Crochet Cross Bones hat

Don’t forget to visit my Etsy shop for other scarves and hairbands!


6 responses to “New men’s hats and scarf!

  1. Marvelous Milena

    sphhhsphhhh (the whale spraying)

  2. Everyone wants one now!
    The dino sweater, the whale, the skull hat too!

  3. Hi! What kind of stich did you use for the Cross Bones hat?
    I want to try to make something similar for my boyfriend.
    Thank you! đŸ™‚

  4. hi I love the skull and cross bones , I just finished a scarf with the scull croched within the scarf, I didn’t want to put another one on the other end .I am loving the crossbones gonna try to make those. It’s hard to find things that a Harley rider will wear, I think this will be it thanks.:)

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