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Something New for Spring

A Buttercup Yellow and Violet Lapel Pin! What better way to add some colour to a blouse or a spring jacket than with a one of a kind item!

butter cup pin for spring

Made using an old pin and some even older buttons. I used shades of yellow and violet to brighten up my wardrobe this spring! I took the idea from my former co-worker Kathryn – a crafty and creative gal in her own right.

violets in the sun

buttercups in the sun

violet pin for spring

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Being Crafty Means Being Crafty in the Kitchen Too!

I’ve discovered a wonder food and wanted to share it (and my recipe) with you, oh and it just happens to be in season—RIGHT NOW!




I’ve always wondered what this crazy, crinkled green mass of vegetable was in the supermarket. Even when I worked at Price Chopper, all it was, was a code of 4 numbers to me. Had I known it’s nutritional value and yummy taste back then I would have started eating it a long time ago.

When cooked, Kale comes with it’s own seasoning, you’d swear you sautéed onions or garlic along with it – but that’s how it tastes, earthy, rich and delicious. And it’s low-cal.

Part of the Brassica family (cabbage, collards, Brussels sprouts) – Kale is jam packed with health-promoting, sulfur-containing PHYTONUTRIENTS (don’t be intimidated). All this means is kale s loaded with good things, things that help prevent cancer (ovarian, breast and colon), helps to prevent cataracts (Vitamin A), boost the immune system (Vitamin C), healthy skin and healthy blood cells, (Vitamin B6) and healthy bones (manganese)—this combination of vitamins and nutrients makes Kale a rock star among the veggie community.

How to buy kale:
• Look for organic. In my opinion, kale is hard to wash and when pesticides are being used, it’s even harder because of all the crinkly, creased leaves. Organic not only tastes better, it’s a safer option against ingesting harmful pesticides.
• Look for smaller leaves, with deep coloured leaves and moist stems, these will taste the sweetest and be tender.
• Look for firm, deeply colored leaves and moist hardy stems.

Wrap the kale in a paper towel, in a bag and in the refrigerator. It should be eaten within 2-3 days, the longer it’s kept in the refrigerator, the more bitter it will taste.
For more information on kale and its benefits, visit http://bit.ly/3hyOtd.

My Kale Recipe


Wash the kale well under cool, running water


Strain and break up leaves, removing the stems (you may choose to cook the stems as well, they may be a bit tougher than the leaves but are edible)


• Heat pan on low-medium, add a splash of olive oil


Add kale to pan and cook on the pan until it turns a rich, vibrant green colour


Remove from pan and add a touch of sea salt and a squeeze of lemon juice


For added crispiness, broil your kale for a few minutes in the oven—it’s delicious!

Calico Tube Scarf

crochet scarf

My Calico Tube Scarf

I noticed more and more tube scarves hitting the streets and I wanted one.
I crocheted a chain, then attached it with a slip stitch, then just continued a half double crochet all around until I reached the thickness I wanted. I added some bright colors as a reminder, spring is just around the corner.

crochet scarf

My cat LOVES my new calico scarf

My poor cat had hair ball issues this morning, I think it’s one of her first hair balls and she was pretty upset about it. Once I put on my calico crochet tube scarf, she crawled all over me. I think it’s the big wooly softness that put her at ease. She loves it and so do I!

kitty loves it

After a hard morning of coughing up hair balls, kitty offers some love

crochet scarf

I covered the seam with vintage buttons

I like to cover my seams with vintage buttons, god knows I have more than enough buttons, so I used a few of them to line the seam here, I love the detail.

crochet tube scarf

Long enough to wrap around twice - the calico crochet scarf

Cupid’s Arrow

For Valentine’s Day I recreated a lost treasure. A few months ago I gave my special someone an antique lapel pin. It was a silver arrow covered in rhinestones. It was real cool, not too girlie but masculine enough. He put it on his lamb’s wool sweater and somehow some way it was lost.

Around the holidays I was in Urban Outfitters and spotted almost the exact same arrow, only it was on a women’s necklace. I scooped it up anyway and put it aside, thinking I’d do something with it for Valentine’s Day.

I started by detaching it from its chain. I bought craft wire and filled the holes in with creative knots. I used Krazy glue to attach the arrow to a silver pin. And voila! I managed to re-create cupid’s arrow in time for Valentine’s Day.


The necklace I found at Urban


close-up of arrow on chain

craft wire at Home Hardware

The Arrow

the arrow is back where it belongs

Note: Accidentally while gluing the arrow to the pin, I glued the pin to my finger. Krazy glue bonds to skin quickly. But without panicking I soaked my finger in nail polish remover containing acetone. It worked like a charm.

Little Girl Tote & Confetti Scarf

I often crochet or craft things for my own pleasure, to wear with an outfit or to spice up an old jacket or hat. Sometimes I create scarves and accessories with kids in mind. There are two examples of my work for kids: a tote and a scarf.

This blue fun fur began as a scarf but as I got one quarter through it realized I wouldn’t have enough fun fur to make a scarf, so i folded it, made a strap and created a tote. I finished it by sewing cotton fabric lining along the inside and a vintage button to close it. It makes a cute pencil case or a play purse for little girls.

crochet girls tote

little girl's fun fur tote

crochet purse

the tote is lined with cotton fabric and closes with a vintage button

This is my confetti white double crochet scarf. Made for little girls I think it’s such a sweet neck warmer.

crochet scarf

crochet confetti scarf for girls

Erin’s Hat

I haven’t been very craft lately as I’ve been working on crafting a new resume. But I was asked by a co-worker at Anthropologie to crochet a winter hat.
Inspired by old fashioned neopolitan salt water taffy I used to eat as a kid, here’s Erin’s Hat:

crochet hat

Erin's Hat

the back with buttons

The seam is lined with buttons

I learned a new stitch with this hat:

Front Post Double Crochet (fpsc)

Check this video out for instructions on how to complete the stitch!

side of hat

The side shows the pom pom

Tangerine Baby Blanket, the story of …

This is my old friend Miguel, I call him my “home slice”

Me and Miguel

Me and my homeslice Miguel

Happy Couple

Miguel and his gorge. wifey Sara

Miguel, together with his gorgeous wife Sara announced they were expecting a baby …

A few months later I took some holiday time in Cuba. I brought with my one ball of tangerine-coloured yarn and a crochet needle. And got to work on a baby blanket.

Cuba and crocheting

Crocheting in Cuba

I completed the blanket and received many compliments from

beach goers to passengers on the plane. What I loved most about this blanket was that I brought it back and it smelled like the ocean and the sun and beach.

A few months later i’m happy to report my blanket found a home, nestled around Miguel and Sara’s newborn.

baby blanket

Baby L in my tangerine blanket

crochet blanket

Baby blanket