Skating in a (warmer-than-usual) Winter Wonderland!

We are in the midst of a warmer than usual winter! Why not go out there and enjoy it! Skating is a great way to get some exercise, enjoy the great outdoors and have some fun!

The Natrel Ice Rink at Harbourfront Centre, Toronto is a great place to skate for free! You can skate the day away to music (satellite radio all week) and live DJ sets (on the weekend).

Skating at the Outdoor Skating Rink at Harbourfront Centre, Toronto

To make my skates look a little stylish and fun, I created pom poms out of black yarn and tied them onto the last loop of lace. A little throw back. For directions on how to make a pom pom, check this video out: make a pom pom

skates with pom pom

My ice skates with pom poms

For a list of all outdoor skating rinks in Toronto, visit:

For tips on posture and ice skating technique, visit: Body Break

Ice Skating outdoors

Make sure you tie your skates tight for extra support!


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